Features Of Large Golf Umbrella


Features Of Large Golf Umbrella

The most common golf umbrellas include straight handle golf umbrellas, automatic golf umbrellas, manual golf umbrellas and folding golf umbrellas. Today let's learn about the characteristics of the large golf umbrella.

1. The specifications of large golf umbrellas are much larger than ordinary golf umbrellas or folding umbrellas. The conventional sizes are 26'', 27'', 28'', 29'', 30'', 31'', 32'', and the largest is 34 inches.

2. The umbrella canopy has single layer and double layer, and the double layer is divided into true double layer and double layer with wind vent.

3. There are many kinds of fabric materials, such as PG, polyester, nylon, fabric with sun protection, etc.

4. The frame and the pole are generally made of glass fiber, aluminum or black steel.

5. Umbrella handles have straight handles and curved handles. Generally large golf umbrellas use straight handles.

6. The large golf umbrella is more powerful and has the functions of windproof, rainproof, UV protection and wider coverage.

7. Since the length of the large golf umbrella is longer than the ordinary umbrella, it is usually equipped with a shoulder bag for easy carrying. The LOGO or company name also can be printed on the bag.