Introduction To Umbrella Types


Introduction To Umbrella Types

Oil Paper Umbrella
Oil paper umbrella is a paper umbrella originated from China, and it has also spread to other parts of Asia such as Japan, North Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Laos and other places, and oil paper umbrellas with local characteristics have been developed in various places. In addition to being a daily necessities for sheltering the sun and rain, the oil paper umbrella is also an indispensable item in the traditional wedding etiquette. In traditional Chinese weddings, when the bride is married off the sedan chair, Xi Niang will use a red oil paper umbrella to cover the bride as a Avoid evil. In traditional Japanese weddings, the bride is also covered by a red oiled paper umbrella. The white old man loves the purple umbrella that marks longevity and uses a white umbrella for funerals. Japanese traditional dances also use oiled paper umbrellas as props, and "ban umbrellas" are used for tea ceremony performances.

Sun Umbrella
The sun umbrella is the umbrella that is mainly used to block the direct sunlight. When choosing an anti-ultraviolet umbrella, we must first look at the fabric of the umbrella. According to research, cotton, silk, nylon, viscose and other fabrics have poor UV protection, while polyester cloth has better UV protection. Some consumers think that the thicker the umbrella surface, the better the UV protection function. In fact, many fabrics are lighter but higher in density, and the protection function is far better than normal fabrics; if it is the same type of fabric, the thicker will have better UV resistance than the thinner. Better, that is, the higher the umbrella surface density, the more sunscreen. In addition, the darker the color of the fabric for UV protection, the better.

Children Umbrella

According to the age of children, children umbrellas are often divided into three categories:

1. Big kids umbrella: This kind of umbrella is suitable for children from 6 to 10 years old. It is lighter in weight and has a slightly smaller surface than an adult umbrella.
2. Children’s umbrella; this umbrella is suitable for children from 5 to 7 years old. The surface of the umbrella is smaller than that of the older children’s umbrella. The material is made of relatively soft fabrics to protect the skin of children’s hands.
3. Children's umbrella; this kind of umbrella is small and its intent is not only for ordinary adults to use for sunshade and shelter from the rain, the most important thing is to play, and it is not very useful.

There are usually maple umbrellas, cartoon umbrellas, etc. on the market. Equipped with various patterns or designs. The picture umbrella attracted the curiosity of the children to a large extent and quickly occupied this market.

Straight Umbrella
Straight umbrellas are the most common umbrellas in daily life. The umbrella poles cannot be folded or shortened. Most straight umbrellas are equipped with curved handles or straight handles. There are manual and active switching methods. Because the umbrella is longer and cannot be put in the bag after being folded, ladies prefer folding umbrellas.

Golf Umbrella
The most common golf umbrella is the straight golf umbrella. There are also two-fold and three-fold golf umbrellas. Because the umbrella surface is large, it is often unstable. Therefore, the double-layer windproof umbrella was born.