How to choose the right umbrella for ourselves?


Umbrellas are one of the indispensable rain gears for everyone. It has developed from simple solid colors to rich patterns, from ordinary umbrellas to automatic umbrellas,so there are various types of umbrellas. So how should we choose the right umbrella?

Rainbow Adult Stick Automatic Umbrella

1.Whether the umbrella is used to hide from the rain, or hide from ultraviolet rays, or to be used as a prop. If it is an umbrella that hides from ultraviolet rays, it is recommended to choose a fabric with silver on the surface or inside, which can effectively reflect ultraviolet rays. Choose a color that suits your age.
2. According to our own needs, choose an umbrella that is suitable to go out. It is best to be compact and just big enough, so that it will not be too tired to hold. Usually within 60 cm in diameter is sufficient unless you are a big man.
3. There are many fabrics for umbrellas, but it is best to choose umbrellas containing Teflon fabrics. The fabrics of this umbrella are waterproof and dry quickly.
4. Everyone knows the fabric of the umbrella, the rest is the internal skeleton, which is very important. When we often see strong winds, many umbrellas are turned over, because the skeleton is not strong enough. It is recommended to choose a thick and sturdy stainless steel material.
5. Umbrellas can be opened manually or automatically, so you need to know what kind of umbrella you are used to. According to common sense, most people like and are used to umbrellas that open automatically. But manuals tend to have a longer lifespan than automatics.
Rainbow Adult Stick Automatic Umbrella