Why Do You Need a Golf Umbrella?


Why Do You Need a Golf Umbrella?

One of the reasons people like golf is to enjoy the beautiful weather on the golf course.  A sunny day with just a few clouds and a cool breeze is the perfect atmosphere for a round of golf.  But what happens when a storm hits and you still have a few holes to drill?  Any amount of rain and wind can affect your game and turn a great round, possibly the best golf tournament ever, into a miserable one.  

So when you're on the golf course, you need some protection in your golf bag.  In some places, you need sun protection rather than rain protection.  So a golf umbrella would be the perfect protection.  Most umbrellas use waterproof fabric as their base material to keep you dry.  They will be up to 68 inches long, and some of them can have rubber handles.  They can protect your favorite golf clubs from the rain, as well as from the sun.  In inclement weather conditions, a few points of golf umbrella can help you to have a pleasant and wonderful experience on the golf course.  

Ordinary umbrellas usually have only one layer and do not work well on windy days.  Gusts of wind swirling inside will grab the bottom of the canopy and actually pull it out of your hand.  However, high-quality golf umbrellas feature a double canopy that provides a place to insert a vent between the two layers.  These vents rotate inside, allowing the wind to flow efficiently through the canopy without pulling it out of your hand.  

Second, golf umbrellas are typically between 62 and 68 inches in diameter, which means they not only keep players dry, but also provide comfortable shade in hot weather and good UV protection.  So, it seems like you can't miss golf because of rainy or very sunny weather.