How to choose the umbrella customization?


How to choose the umbrella customization? Umbrellas have been used in ancient times.They are indispensable in daily life and are convenient to carry.They can shade the sun in sunny days and block the rain in rainy days.Umbrellas are not hard to find,whether in stores or online,how to choose when buying?  
One,find the right style (reverse umbrella,straight umbrella,transparent umbrella,three fold umbrella,pencil umbrella,etc.)  
Two,consider whether the size of their own (19 inches,21 inches,23 inches,27 inches)  
Three,the use of safe and reliable (umbrella cloth tear not broken, umbrella stand accessories complete,wind resistance,rust resistance)  
Four,if printing, the effect of the font is clear, bright color,can spread the information out.  
Five,the use of material:umbrella cloth in addition to the use of more impact cloth and pearlescent cloth,silver tape, umbrella frame is iron bone,steel bone,aluminum alloy bone,as long as you will tell the requirements of xu Ya umbrella factory customer service,you can find satisfactory products.