The basic classification of Kid Umbrellas


Classified by age of use
1. Big Kid Umbrella; this kind of umbrella is suitable for children from 6 to 9 years old. Generally, the umbrella surface is larger, slightly smaller than the adult umbrella, and light. Umbrella handle and umbrella body are specially designed.
2. Middle Kid Umbrella; this kind of umbrella is suitable for children from 5 to 7 years old. The surface of the umbrella is smaller than that of the big Kid Umbrella. The material is made of softer materials to protect the skin of the little hands.
3. Kid Umbrella; this kind of umbrella is small and exquisite, and its purpose is not only for adults to use for sunshade and shelter from the rain, but the most important thing is for playing, and it does not have much practical use.
Sort by opening method
1. Open the umbrella by hand; there is no automatic button, it needs to be opened manually
2. Automatic Kid Umbrella; there is an open button, which can be opened with force on the button, and the contraction needs to be carried out manually!
Classified by shape
1. Ordinary type; similar to an adult umbrella, no special shape
2. Ear type; some have triangular ears, some have round ears and some have a duck tongue shape

Generally there are maple umbrellas, cartoon umbrellas, etc. on the market. Comes with various patterns. The picture case attracts the curiosity of children in a large program. Thus occupying this part of the umbrella market.

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