The Bones of Folding Umbrella


What are the bones of the umbrella? Bones of the umbrella is also called umbrella frame, which supports the Folding Umbrella one by one. The umbrella frame has been continuously upgraded and evolved with the development of The Times since ancient times. Most of the ancient umbrella bones are made of wood or bamboo, but in modern times, iron bones, steel bones, aluminum bones, electric bones and resin bones gradually appear. And the form mostly uses the contraction bone , carries the light and convenient.
With the trend of The Times demand and the development of technology. Folding Umbrella is also in continuous evolution and progress to adapt to the trend.  Umbrella surface continues to evolve, umbrella bones have also changed, the old umbrella bones are mostly wood, bamboo umbrella bones, with the progress of science and technology and the update of materials, later there are iron bones, steel bones, aluminum alloy bones, electric bones and resin bones, and the form of most with contracted bones, light and convenient to carry. Steel bones are the strongest and most durable, not easily broken, and have a long service life. Iron is hard and not easy to break, good wind resistance, is easy to rust for a long time. Baican net aluminum bone, electric bone, resin bone are lightweight and portable, which are widely used in light series of umbrellas. Its disadvantage is easy to fold, poor wind performance according to the different customized price and demand.
In general,the frame of an Folding Umbrella is 6-8, and the umbrella can reach 24 bones at most. In general, the Folding Umbrella is mainly composed of 6, 7 or 8 bones. More roots are stronger, but heavier. The ones we most often see are the 8-bone iron and steel bones. However, in order to reduce the cost, there are many Folding Umbrella made with 7 bones. 6 bone and 7 bone are more commonly used in Folding Umbrella ultralight umbrella, and the material is mostly aluminum alloy bone resin bone. But the price of aluminum alloy bone is relatively high, so it is often used in high-grade Folding Umbrella. High Folding Umbrella requires strict style. In the design of an umbrella, In the design of the umbrella will consider the issue of umbrella,not to consider how much to use the umbrella bone to reduce the cost.