How to be a qualified automatic Long Stick Rain Umbrella?


How to be a qualified automatic Long Stick Rain Umbrella?

Speaking of rainy days, as a way to enhance the relationship between the hero and heroine, the umbrella is usually used as a beneficial tool, which is not uncommon in Korean dramas.

Since the 1990s, my country's umbrella industry has rapidly risen relying on abundant cheap labor resources and has become the world's largest umbrella industry.
At present, China's export volume and value of umbrellas account for about 80% of the global total, occupying an absolute dominant position.
Umbrella products in my country must meet the mandatory national standard GB 31892-2015 "General Technical Requirements for Safety of Umbrella Products".

As people’s requirements for the quality of umbrella products are increasing, my country has successively introduced a series of product standards for umbrella products, including but not limited to the following:

There are many kinds of umbrella products. The most commonly used in daily life is the umbrella. It can be divided into hand-opening umbrellas, self-opening umbrellas, self-opening and self-retracting umbrellas, and straight bones according to the structure of the umbrella.

Umbrellas and shrink umbrellas.