Why do Japanese People Often Use Stick Umbrellas on rainy days, and Chinese People Like to Use Folding Umbrellas


With the development of the economy, many people like to go abroad for vacation. Among many countries, Japan, as a country closer to us, has become the choice of many tourists.

This country is not only the only developed country in Asia, but the scenery is also very beautiful. See cherry blossoms in spring, sea in summer, mountain climbing in autumn, and snow in winter. Tourists are in constant flow throughout the year. There are more than five million tourists from China every year.
And the humanities experience in this country is also very good, most people are polite and try not to trouble others. When you are shopping, you can always get the warm and thoughtful treatment of the service staff.
But many people who travel in Japan will find such a thing, that is, in Japan, every rainy day, all Japanese people use Automatic Long Stick Rain Umbrellas, and they are all transparent. But our people prefer colorful folding umbrellas. Why?
This is because, in rainy days, everyone needs to open an umbrella, and a transparent umbrella has a particularly big advantage, that is, it will not hinder the line of sight. In this way, not only can you better protect your own safety, but it can also allow others to have a better line of sight.
The second is that when you need to close the umbrella when taking public transportation, the Automatic Long Stick Rain Umbrellas can land with the tip of the umbrella to let the rain flow to the ground. The folding umbrella is very easy to rain rain on others because of the high distance from the ground.
The third is that the wind in Japan is relatively strong. In this case, the folding umbrella is easily damaged by the wind because of too many connection points, while the long-handled umbrella is relatively strong.
Finally, in Japan, umbrella stands provided by shopping malls and restaurants are designed according to the specifications of Automatic Long Stick Rain Umbrellas. At the same time, the umbrella cover provided is also for long-handled umbrellas. In convenience stores, almost all long-handled umbrellas are sold. This virtually makes everyone more accustomed to the use of long-handled umbrellas.