What are the categories of umbrellas?


1. Advantages of long umbrella: good windproof effect, especially the umbrella with many umbrella bones, it is a good choice in windy and heavy weather; Disadvantages of long umbrellas: inconvenient to carry.

2. Advantages of double-fold umbrella: The double-fold umbrella combines the windproof function of the long-handle umbrella, and is easier to carry than the long-handle umbrella. Many manufacturers have developed the double-fold umbrella to be a high-grade sunshade or rain-proof umbrella. Two fold the inadequacy of the umbrella: when using the umbrella to take off the umbrella bone one by one. Compared with a three-fold umbrella, it is longer and inconvenient to carry.

3. The triple fold umbrella has been widely loved by people since it was invented. The advantage of the triple fold umbrella is that it is small and easy to use and carry. The drawback of a three-fold umbrella is that it is much less effective against heavy winds than a long-handle or two-fold umbrella.

4. The advantage of a 50% fold umbrella: It is smaller than a 30% fold umbrella and easy to carry. The disadvantage of 50% fold umbrella: it is difficult to fold, and the umbrella surface is small.

5. There are also the less common 40 - and 60-fold umbrellas. Forty fold umbrella and six fold umbrella: mainly for people on business trips to carry convenient relatively small.